Your Power Map

Inside of you is a pattern of success that's uniquely yours. 

I call it your map of power.

Revealing your Power Map allows you to become the guru and guide of your most best and most interesting life. It gives you access to direct divine guidance, clarifies what is most powerful about you, and opens the path to your deepest belonging and sense of home.  

Your life script is unveiled and your (next) starring role calls you forward.  

When you own your Power Map, you own you.

Reveal Your Power Map

"This process is valuable and gives a huge boost. The Power Map highlighted my uniqueness with brilliant clarity. I feel more confident and have a bridge from personal insight to real action. A lot of times, we want to change or transform, but aren't sure exactly how to do it. This method helps you go from the self-discovery and exploration stage to effective action." 

Courtney Paige-Ray

I love the "Map of Power" tool. Your work is deep and it shines a light. Major blindspots are revealed, thus helping people gain traction. You help them build a foundation that they will have for life (or even many lifetimes). Either way, your results are incredible because they deeply resonate with each client's unique soul. There is no one size fits all thing happening here. You are One-of-a-Kind.

Jamie Okubo