Your Business Power Map

Did you know that every business and organization has a core power- a soul? Revealing this core power allows you to instantly identify your company's purpose and mission. Your big "why"becomes self-evident, and you quickly streamline all of your efforts. 

Your business's core values, brand story, ideal collaborations, and key words to use in marketing, are all included in the Power Map.

Your Power Map is an essential guide that provides precise direction, reduces wasted time and resources, increases profitability, and helps you distinguish your brand in the marketplace. It's a blueprint that you'll use for as long as you own your business.

Thank you so much for the experience, Dena. I'm amazed at how much was uncovered in our session. The process is illuminating, quick, powerful, and orienting. 

It’s so meaningful to have one’s core values reflected back and identify words and feelings associated with those values. I’m still processing it all and look forward to integrating all that I learned into my work and life. 

I can’t wait for others to experience you and your power map process. I love how laser-focused it is and how much you cover in such a short amount of time. 

I would definitely recommend this to others.

Thank you, thank you!

Kim Agnew Founder, Blue Sky Black Sheep 

The Business Power Map that Dena created with me will serve to point me in the right direction, no matter where my business may take me.  

Dena is a very perceptive and astute guide. She's able to reflect and articulate exactly what your business is about in personal and professional terms. I am now emboldened to follow through on things I started, and am clear about new directions that can increase my impact and profit.  

Suffice it to say, that working with Dena on a Business Power Map is an awesome process that I recommend to any entrepreneur.

Aeolian Heart Founder, Aeolian Heart

Dena is, quite simply, brilliant. I was not prepared for the return on my investment in the Business Power Map. It has delivered exponential results.  

First of all, it streamlined my business activity immediately. I was able to base marketing efforts, new offers, collaborative partnerships, and even how to prioritize my time and resources on my strengths and those of the company.  

I also discovered, with precision, some key factors that distinguish those customers most likely to buy and benefit from our products and services. 

In addition, the Business Power Map revealed our core values-which adds another layer of efficiency in terms of aligning our actions with our mission-"why we exist-" and being able to leverage this in our branding. I recommend this process to any entrepreneur, founder, or creator who is interested in profitability, alignment, and efficiency.  

James B., Digital Tech Founder

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